Paperwings / Littlewings

This label is owned and designed by two very talented Australian's Michelle and Jason Fallon coming from architectural, film and theatre careers in conjunction with the arrival of their daughters acted as the catalyst for a new direction in to the children’s fashion world. 

Despite the satisfaction and enjoyment attached to such successful careers, starting a family together gave Jason and Michelle pause to consider the constant traveling and grueling, irregular schedule that come with making feature films and theatre productions.They dreamed of a wholesome, stable family-oriented life, which still gave them the freedom to pursue their passion for design.

In 2006 they made a decision to move to the country of beautiful Mullumbimby in New South Wales, Australia and started the children’s clothing label ‘Paper Wings’. Although not the obvious location for a fashion business, they soon found they were surrounded by supportive and creative people who were integral in making the brand the success it is today.

In this unique nurturing environment, Jason and Michelle were able to develop the imaginative, durable and fun products that form the basis of the collections available today. 

“The Paper Wings name evokes all of the feelings we craft into our collections” says Michelle. Imaginative, robust play, with a hint of vintage story-book - the garments are first designed on ‘Paper’…, then imagination and creativity gives them ‘Wings’. Jason adds,“Our collections are characterised by a broad variety of shapes, patterns and prints that reflect our design commitment to making children’s high fashion that’s playful, interesting and comfortable”.

After a brief but rewarding time spent working in India that offered the opportunity to learn a great deal about textile production and the organic side of this industry, Jason and Michelle moved the family to Vietnam in late 2010.

In Saigon they built a new production and design studio, where together with local craftspeople and skilled technicians they create Paper Wings collections each season.

As one of very few children’s fashion labels that own and operate their own production studio, this places Paper Wings in the enviable position of having ultimate control over all aspects of the production process.

This ownership of the entire process also allows the brand to be certain of the quality, delivery and most importantly the ethics and conditions under which all Paper Wings products are produced.

Today Paper Wings is a fully fledged Design House, with extensive international distribution that delights children throughout USA, Australia, Asia and beyond.
We are blessed to sell such quality and craftsmanship in our store!

The label has a large and loyal fan-base, which covers infants, boys, girls, swim and accessory categories in products ranging from New Born through to size 14.

Look out for this amazing organic cotton range inn our store!